1700mm x 1230mm x 40mm
oil on shellaced Elm
Opium Dream (detail)

At the same time it also represents any large scale human undertaking which will inevitably include individuals subconscious dream states, “the caverns measureless to man”. It is also an attempt to combine art and architecture. The support is English elm and from its shallaced grain flowed further inspiration. The main pigment ingredient is Cretean earth, from which, in classical mythology, came Zeus. Kubla Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan, and barbarian no more, was a well educated sophisticate and he appears at the top of the picture. I still hear the question “yes, but what does it mean?”, so to continue lets move forward in time to the new millennium. I’ve been doing portraits from life and I’ve realized that this gives authenticity to a picture and that the exception proves the rule. To me it also proves that the universe is a one off event and that creation and volition are some how not dependant on cause and effect.

I have to sum up now, from a lack of space available, and I hope before your patience, dear reader, is used up, so I’ll say, finally that my art is you and me and all of us and everything.

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